Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The powerful tab function

Sleipnir is for professional Tabbed-browser.
We introduce the progress of "Tab"fanction which the most important fanction
on tabbed browser.
By getting to know in detail about the tab, you may use it easy, furthermore.

Please costomize the Tab in your tast too!

Tab position

The tab of new Sleipnir can be arranged up and down and right and left though Sleipnir1.66 was only up and down
Those who wants to take the length area on the page widely can arrange it
right and left.
It can arrange from "Sleipnir option > Dock > Tab > Tab position"

Tab style

Sleipnir can select three kind of display of tab.
Since each has merits and demerits, please select your style of your taste.

Multiline display

All tabs can be displayed on a screen.
Although Tab selection is easy, there is a demerit pressing a view area.
It recommended to those who wants to switch the tab quickly.

Scroll display

The tab which does not fit into a tab domain scrolls and chooses it.
All the page titles can be seen according to the setting.
There is a demerit that comes not to select the tab easily.
It recommended to those who want to open a lot of tabs at the same time,
and wants to not press the screen.

Reduction display

All tabs are automatically reduced on the screen and displays it.

Tab selection becomes easy, but there is the demerit that identification of a tab becomes impossible when you open many tabs.
It recommended those who don't opened the tab so at the same time.

Alias mouse operation

Sleipnir can alias arbitrary action when double-clicks, right-clicks and wheel-clicks.
It can change from "Sleipnir option > Dock > Tab > double-click, right-click and wheel-click".

Default setting is below:

・double-click⇒navigation lock

・right-click⇒popup menu

・wheel-click⇒close the tab

Particular settings

Tab of Sleipnir can do particular settings.
The following customization is possible.
It is possible from "Sleipnir option > Dock > Tab"

Display the icon on Tab
Display the icon which show Favicon and page on tab.

Switch the tab by wheel click
Swithch the tab when mouse's wheel is rotated on the tab.

Display the close button on all tab
Display the close button when put the mouse on the tab. You can close the tab quickly.

Display the close button on the tabbar
Display the close button on the right of tab. Please use it when the button which all tabs close is obstructive.

Display the new tab button
Display the new tab button on the left of tabbar.

That's all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Released new version Sleipnir2.3!

Hi everyone!

Today we released new version Sleipnir2.3!
Simplified Chinese was added.

Please use freely.
Sleipnir is freeware.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Convenient usage of advanced search bar

The various search engines exist on Internet.
When you use search engines, it is usual to search from form of the page of the search engine.
Web search, image search, dictionary, etc... you have to bookmark each pages,
and after open those page you nessecery to seach.

This time we introduce about advanced search bar for more convenient use Sleipnir.


You can change and search a search engine easily, without opening the page of a search engine, if advanced search Bar of Sleipnir is used.

Menu selection search
When the icon in the left end of the retrieval bar is clicked, the list pop-up
menu of the search engine is displayed. The search engine can be changed
from this menu.

short cut search

The mouse operation is indispensable to select the engine from the pop-
up menu, and it may be a little annoying operation to people mainly performing keyboard operation.
Try to use short cut search.

The search engine can be easily switched only by enter the short cut
letter in the head when the search letter is enter to the
search bar.

search on google
g[blank]search letter

search on yahoo
y [blank]search letter

Custom search button

The search engine frequently used can be arranged as a button.
Amazon search button is arranged in initialization.

Search buttons can be arranged up to 16,
and register the search engine often used from Tool/Sleipnir option/Toolbar plug-in/Custom search button.

This way will be sure to lead to the improvement of the search efficiency.

Category search

It can search by the category.
If you use category-added search engine, you can search by category from list box and combo box which are dnynamically generated.

That's all!

Monday, December 19, 2005

When starting it restore to the last closed session?

Tabbed-bowser Sleipnir can open multiple page at onece.
Today we introduce the way to restore the last closed session when starting.
And introduce the way of invalid this function alltogether.


・Although you want to see a continuation of blog and a news story, there is no time and the browser must be closed.
・Although you open many link, there is no time and you want to check it tomorrow.
・You closed web site in the middle of watching!

Have you had such an experience?

Today, we introduce [Restore The Last Closed Session ] to get rid of these dissatisfaction.

Please try it!


Talking about[Restore The Last Closed Session ] function,
it is the function to restore the tab which was being displayed
when closing Sleipnir as it is next time at the time of starting.
[Restore The Last Closed Session ]function is effective in

[Restore The Last Closed Session ]function can invalidate by following process.
Select [Sleipnir option] from [Tool] of Menubar.
Select [Boot] in the [Client]. Take off the chek of [restore last closed session ].

You can invalidate [Restore The Last Closed Session ] function.
And, when you wanto to restore the starting session by optional timing,
open the [favorite panel] of Explorerbar, click [the last closed session] and open the last closed tab.

That's all. See you next time!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When starting to open the multiple pages? (start up)

We think you have particular Web site which always visit.
We introduce starting function which reduce time and open everyday's Website at same time Sleipnir starting.

・Everyday be sure to check your own Blog and fiend's etc.
・Going to work, checks each news paper directly.
・Going to work, cheks office Blog directly.
We especially recommend it to those who use like this.

If you don't know, please try!

Explain the start up function to you,
at the same time Sleipnir starting, it is opening Website as the tab at a stroke, that registered to "Start-up" favorites group.
The place where the Web site is registered is "Start-up. ' of "Favorite group"
Sleipnir x Excite is displayed in default.

As for a way of registration to start up,
select "favorites panel" of Explorer bar,click the right button and open "start up" of favorites group,and select "Edit favorites group".

Since each icon of favorite group changes into the folder,
click the right button and open the menu again, and select "add active page here" and register with display what you want to register to start up.

Moreover, you can register all opening tab to start up when you select "Add all tab here".
Because Sleipnir 2.00 completely supporting an OLE drug and dropp,registration can also drag and drop the icon of a tab or an address bar, and the link in page.

When you delete an unnecessary page from start up,click the right button and open the menu at the time of registration, select "start to edit favorites group", click the right button of the title of the Web site that you want to delete and open a menu and, select "delete".

That's all. Please expect the next time.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Get Sleipnir!

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♦How to Install/Uninstall

Frequently Asked Questions (Please use the translation function on a tool bar.)

Trouble about version2.20.

We found a trouble about freezing in version2.20.
Those who use version2.20, please update to version2.21.
Sorry troubling you.